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Master Storytelling

How to turn your experiences into stories that Teach, Lead, Inspire, and Sell.

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Influential Leadership

Learn to take the high road. Build trust, responsibility, and accountability.

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Masterful Mentoring

Think Different. Lead Different. Be Different.

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The Art of Productive Conflict

Transform Conflict into an Opportunity for Improved Relationships, Innovation and Team Effectiveness.

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Change-friendly Implementation

Based on our award-winning, bestselling book, this online course will help you and your team get maximum return on your change efforts.

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Collaborative Songwriting

The Power of Song. Inspired Team Building With Darden Smith.

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DEI Practice Conversations

This series will assist you in developing new skills, knowledge, and build capacity in fostering an inclusive work environment.

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DEI Unconscious Bias

Learn about Unconscious bias and what to do about it. Create an inclusive environment to be productive in your business.

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Experiential Team Building

Apply the concepts of teamwork through tasks, problems & challenges.

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Improving Performance Under Stress

Learn to use stress to your advantage.

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InterAct (D.E.I)

Provides participants a safe environment to practice people management skills and inclusion dynamics.

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