Workshops | InterAct (D.E.I)

InterAct (D.E.I)

Provides participants a safe environment to practice people management skills and inclusion dynamics.

Inter-Active Theater

“Flash Scenes” present a sampler of dynamics people are faced with in their role as inclusion “allies”.  Data about current inclusion/exclusion dynamics is gathered and drama scenes (3-4 minutes) are written and facilitated by skilled diversity actor/trainers.Participants interact with the actor/trainers to explore inclusion/exclusion dynamics and options, to address any diversity tension that they identify.

We Propose designing “flash Scenes” depicting issues of organization or team dynamics that may create unintentional exclusion such as:

  • Affinity Bias
  • Age & Generations Bias
  • Personality Bias
  • Working Globally
  • Industry Outside/Insider Bias
  • Others…

Interactive Theater: Where Workshop Becomes Workplace

Sponsored by Multi-Cultural Institute

"We know that inclusion skills are critically important in human relations. Like many other skills, they become more effective and efficient with practice."

Who Needs InterAct?

Whether you are a leader, manager, sales rep, facilitator, teacher or parent, you need to teach, lead, sell, and inspire others.


In addition to experiencing the scenes, participants will have some discussion with colleagues and actors. Therefore, we provide ponder questions to discuss.  Participants are encouraged to explore possibilities with actor trainers to gauge and practice their approach.  In all cases, there is no one right answer.

Sample ponder questions

  • Have you or a colleague been in this situation?
  • What message is being conveyed to these characters?
  • Would I be comfortable/uncomfortable working with this person? Why?
  • Does an aspect of your diversity help you relate to one of the characters? Does it hinder you?

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