Workshops | Improving Performance Under Stress

Improving Performance Under Stress

Learn to use stress to your advantage.


The Role Of Stress

Living and working in our fast-paced, uncertain and ever changing work culture can be extremely demanding and stressful. It is well known that stress is a major cause of many health problems, interpersonal difficulties, and burnout. That said, it is important to understand that stress is not inherently unhealthy or counter-productive. Most people get their best work done under a certain amount of stress. In this seminar, participants are trained how to use stress to their advantage when it is needed, as well as how to let go of their counterproductive stress and to quickly “recharge” and “re-center” themselves throughout the day.

"Most studies estimate that 85 to 95% of all doctor visits are stress related."

Organization Benefits

  • Higher productivity
  • Heealthier work force (Lower health care costs)
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved communication
  • Decreased absenteeism and turnover

Individual Benefits

  • Improved health
  • Staying clam asnd effective amidst continuous change and challenge
  • More personal energy Higher performance
  • Better communication
  • Increased creativity

The seminars consist of:

  • Fascinating insights and recent scientific research
  • Stimulating small and large group discussions
  • Self-assessments
  • Training of several simple yet highly effective stress management and performance tools
  • A real time demonstration of “Heartmath FreezeFramer” biofeedback technology to measure physiological coherence vs. chaos as well as brain function and overall performace.

Quest’s “Improving Performance Under Stress” is thorough in the presentation of current research and information, yet engaging and rich in actual experience. This course is particularly effective in that it has a strong focus on skill development. Participants leave with a high level of confidence in their ability to respond more positively and professionally to the pressures they face in their lives.

Who Needs Improving Performance Under Stress?

Whether you are a leader, manager, sales rep, facilitator, teacher or parent, you need to teach, lead, sell, and inspire others.

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