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DEI Unconscious Bias

Learn about Unconscious bias and what to do about it. Create an inclusive environment to be productive in your business.


Understanding Unconscious Bias

The unaware internalization of socialization messages, about other groups of people (unique to one’s culture and life experiences), are collected in our unconscious brain as preferences or bias. For some, this field of influence remains largely un-distinguished; we are simply unaware of what we don’t know.  In DEI – Unconscious Bias we explore:

  • Understanding our brain and how we process information.
  • Personal lenses, layers and legacies and their impact on preferences and behavior.
  • Interrupting our unconscious bias to align behaviors that strengthen inclusive experiences.

"Most of us have the willingness to work effectively across different cultures. What we lack sometimes, is the ability to work effectively with other people of any culture, personality or profession. "


Unintentional exclusion can be very subtle and difficult to spot and address. In this DEI check-in, we cover the research behind micro inequities and aggressions, why they matter and their impact on engagement and performance. What we explore:

What are micro-inequities and micro-aggressions?

Rethinking and ranking behaviors that potentially limit productivity and engagement with others.

Addressing micro-inequities/aggressions in ways that does not damage relationships.


The Impact of Culture at Work

Most of us have the willingness to work effectively across different cultures. What we lack sometimes, is the ability to work effectively with other people of any culture, personality or profession. What we explore:

Understanding our personal culture and that of others.
Skills for working across cultures

  • Building global inclusion and teamwork
  • Communicating effectively across cultural scripts
  • Building relationships and credibility across cultural boundaries

Ways to enhance virtual inclusions and teamwork

Where am I on my Inclusion Journey

Where do you see yourself in your DEI journey? Through guided discussions, peer coaching and self evaluation, we identify areas where we may feel “stuck” or empowered in our efforts to show up more fully as an inclusion ally. This “check-in explores:

Personal inventory: In what areas am I...

- Struggling?
- A neutral observer?
- A DEI Ally?

How do I nurture my "inclusion instinct"

Ways to enhance our inclusion capability.

Who Needs DEI Unconscious Bias?

Whether you are a leader, manager, sales rep, facilitator, teacher or parent, you need to teach, lead, sell, and inspire others.


Diversity Dialogues

Diversity conversations are unique. Even if you consider yourself a good communicator, diversity conversations require extra skills. What we will explore:

What makes diversity conversations unique?
Creative the hallway for safe conversations:
- The dynamics of psychological safety
- The ladder of inference
- Bringing an unconscious bias to someone's attention
Workplace Application
- Situational analysis and creating psychological safety practice

DEI Councils

Discuss and share the best practices in setting up or maintaining effective DEI Councils. The DEI council “check-in” will cover:

DEI Councils
- What they are and what they are not
- Why They Matter

Elements of Effectiveness
- Identify the DEI Agenda
- Leveraging Drivers
- Structure & Roles

Peer Coaching
- How to be more effective DEI council members

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