Janet Zaretsky
Leadership Development, Neuroscience of Communication

Jamie is a powerhouse business person. She is knowledgeable, skilled and an expert at taking her knowledge and applying it with others. She is a phenomenal coach with compassion and a great results producer. She is also a fun, creative and extraordinary person.

Teri Hill Schroeder
Executive & Business Coaching, Performance Training and Strategic HR Consulting

Jamie is one in a million. She is a fabulous blend of structured process with innovation. She operates at multiple levels in an organization connecting easily with people. She is exemplary at listening, asking insightful questions, gently challenging people to see more and better, then making strategic connections of ideas and how process impacts people. I’ve had the opportunity to watch her at work as an administrator, a manager, a coach, and a member in a mastermind of entrepreneurs. Jamie’s capabilities are superb. I would have her on my leadership team anytime, anywhere.

Josh Fleming
Director of Recruiting

Jamie has been an instrumental part to not only my growth within my company but also on my own personal development. She has always been a strong mentor to me and shows great leadership. I would highly recommend Jamie on any assignment.

Gordon Montgomery
PhD Researcher + Vedic Coach

Jamie is dedicated. She makes your goal her goal. She actually allows YOU to hold HER accountable to YOUR goals. Think about that. Where else could you get that? Jamie is the real deal. She gets the job done and done well, with a heart that is as big as her results!