Enjoy this special Mother’s Day-themed episode on A Shot of Inspiration with the woman that changed host Greg Stephens’ life the most: his mother, Silvia Stephens. Take a look into her life as the preacher’s unconventional wife, doing her best to be a mom though she wasn’t around children growing up.

Despite this, Greg tells you how his mom acted as resident seamstress, gardener, woodworker, plumber, granite worker, upholsterer, and more, many of these skills self taught from television programs until she was master, particularly of the three piece mens suit.

In her 80s today, she shares her biggest insights about being a mother with adult children. Hear how this amazing woman used some of her most disappointing life experiences as a kid to become a better mother because of it. This wife, working nurse, and full time mom has many inspiring and unique experiences to share, including her conviction to “Never underestimate the power of Epson salts.”

3 Key Takeaways

– The advice Greg remembers from his mom: your parents have raised you the best they could, so now it’s your job to make your own decisions. You can ask for advice, but the end choice is ultimately yours.

– Sylvia was a woman who didn’t understand children, but she had kids and maintained love with them as babies.

– Spend time teaching your children to be trustworthy. You do this by spending time with them and leading by example.