Join Greg Stephens and Yasin Bradley, CEO of Bradley Alliance Group, as they explore Yasin’s inspiring journey from childhood adversity to founding a thriving HR consulting firm. Discover the power of people-focused solutions and the importance of investing in employees for business growth.

3 Key Takeaways:

Prioritize People: Investing in employees leads to business success.
SMB Support: Bradley Alliance Group offers tailored consulting services for small businesses.
Personal Growth: Yasin’s story highlights resilience and the journey to purpose.
About Yasin:

Yasin Bradley is a distinguished Senior Human Resources Leader known for his versatility, acute analytical skills, and unwavering focus on people and business. With a strong track record of success, Yasin excels in spearheading strategic initiatives and boosting staff confidence to attract and retain key talent in competitive markets. His expertise spans HR & Compliance functions, including Talent Acquisition & Development, Employee Relations, Compensation & Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Organizational Development, and Change Management. As the founder of Bradley Alliance Group in Atlanta, GA, Yasin is a respected HR and talent advisor, workplace culture champion, and leadership ambassador. His sought-after speeches provide insights on HR infrastructure, talent management, workplace culture, operations optimization, and leadership advocacy, inspiring leaders and organizations towards excellence.


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