Join host Greg Stephens and guest Millie Tambo as they discuss the transformative power of education and mentorship. From confronting self-doubt to fostering global citizenship, discover how Confidence Elevates is changing lives.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Self-Awareness & Confidence Boost: Millie advocates managing emotions for self-assurance.
  2. Global Citizenship Promotion: Confidence Elevates fosters empathy and unity across cultures.
  3. Mentorship Empowers Leaders: Join Confidence Elevates in guiding future leaders.

About Millie:

Millie Tambo is a seasoned change agent, executive coach, and steadfast lifelong learner with over 14 years of experience as an instructional coach. Distinguished by her exceptional ability to build and empower strong teams through a collaborative approach, Millie is committed to nurturing leadership excellence. She is the visionary founder of Confidence Elevates Inc., a platform aimed at nurturing a network of confident and competent young leaders for impactful collective growth. Millie holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Dynamics, exemplifying her dedication to advancing leadership excellence. With insights and wisdom on leadership empowerment and creating lasting impact, Millie is dedicated to shaping the next generation of leaders.


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