Greg Stephens hosts an insightful episode of A Shot of Inspiration with guest Jay Singh, exploring the nuances of fatherhood. Delve into vulnerability, the significance of inner work, and the courage needed for transformative conversations.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Vulnerability Matters: Embrace vulnerability in parenting for authentic connections.
  2. Inner Work and Purpose: Rediscover true selves and purpose beyond traditional roles.
  3. Courageous Conversations: Enhance relationships through brave conversations for personal and relational growth.

About Jai

Jai Singh, a dedicated men’s coach, focuses on empowering fathers to enhance their self-connection, marriages, fatherhood, and life purpose. Through in-person and online men’s groups, along with personalized coaching, he provides valuable support. Jai’s journey into coaching began in 2016, driven by his transformative experiences with marriage and fatherhood. Recognizing the profound struggles fathers face and their need for camaraderie, he initiated men’s groups tailored for fathers in 2020. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Jai resides with his wife and two children.


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