Join Greg Stephens and co-host Dan Morman on the “A Shot of Inspiration” podcast for an inspiring conversation with special guest Bill Coletti, a seasoned coach and former owner of PR firms. They explore coaching, career transitions, leadership, and the importance of self-prioritization. Bill previews his upcoming book, “The Prioritization of You,” stressing the role of personal well-being in effective leadership and success. Listen to inspiring stories of clients shattering self-imposed limits and gaining newfound confidence. This episode showcases the profound impact of coaching and the significance of recognizing each step in the journey.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Prioritizing Yourself: Leaders should prioritize themselves, understanding it’s not selfish but essential for success.
  2. Coaching Transformation: The transformative power of coaching, emphasizing the importance of asking questions over giving advice.
  3. Breakthrough Success: Coaching can lead to clients breaking through self-imposed limits, gaining confidence, and redefining their vision for success.

About Bill:

Bill Coletti, owner of a creative professional services firm, is a certified executive coach and author known for his bestselling book, “Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management.” Co-leading the Global Risk Management and Crisis Communications Practice at Hill+Knowlton Strategies was a pivotal role in his career before launching in 2013.
While Bill’s impressive career journey is noteworthy, his current focus revolves around helping others navigate critical life transitions. Alongside his wife, Debbie, he dedicates time to sailing and community service. With certifications as a US Coast Guard 50 Ton Master Captain and NauticEd Sailing Instructor, Bill’s multifaceted expertise reflects his commitment to guiding clients in both professional and personal growth.


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