In this episode of “A Shot of Inspiration,” Greg Stephens interviews Deji Olajide about his life as a motivational speaker and how he uses his personal struggles to inspire others. Deji talks about the importance of vulnerability and sharing your pain in order to connect with others. He also shares his experiences living with diabetes and how he uses it to connect with others who have the same condition.

3 Key Takeaways:

Sharing your pain and struggles can help create connections with others.
Being vulnerable can help others feel less alone in their own struggles.
Even differences can create kinship when there is shared pain or challenges.

About Deji:

Deji Olajide is a certified transformational trainer and health coach with a passion for empowering people. He infuses practical steps with faith to help people pursue greatness in all areas of life. With over 10 years of experience in church and non-profit sports ministries, Deji is a former student-athlete who won a state championship in football for Corona Centennial, and multiple Division 2 championships playing wide receiver for Azusa Pacific. Deji loves to travel, listen to music, and indulge in the world’s best tacos!