Are you looking to become a strong leader for your children? Do you want to create a culture within your family that will sustain during the difficult times? Join host Greg Stephens and guest Clinton McRae, inspirational figure, retired Navy man, and master in organizational leadership, as he shares his unique “Parent Leadership Framework” that has helped parents around the world.

On this episode of A Shot of Inspiration, Clinton will outline how you can use the principles of connectivity, showing (not telling) love, and maintaining consistency to become a better leader for your children. He will also share his personal experiences with the challenges of parenting and how he helps others address the same. Tune in and become a better CEO of your own home!

3 Key Takeaways

  • Anyone can become a parent leader–you just need a child who is willing to let you lead them.
  • Children need to feel loved in order to be open to being led by a parent (this has to be earned).
  • Making yourself consistently available to your child allows them to feel your love instead of knowing about it

About Clinton

Clinton McRae is a pastor, retired Navy man, and graduate of Regent University with a masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL). As a published author, he has written several books: Blessed to be Broken, Standing with the Dead, Parent Leadership for Today, Parent Leadership: The Workbook, and Sheroes of the Faith.

Other accomplishments include: guest speaking for the Parent Leadership for Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), talking on local radio stations WKQA 1110 AM “Breakfast with Bacon” and Norfolk State University’s WNSB 91.1 FM (“Hot 91”), as well as speaking in elementary schools in Norfolk, the Teachers Association of Hampton Roads, the Holy Convocation for the BibleWay Church Worldwide, and the Tidewater Peninsula Baptist Association.


Blessed to be Broken by Clinton McRae (see all his books in the store tab)