A former overthinker-turned-coach and inspiring speaker, Brad Finkeldei helps others break free from their overactive thoughts, empowering them to take action and live a life without regret–all through the ironic message of a rubber chicken.

Tune in to this episode of A Shot of Inspiration to hear Brad’s journey to find the true key to happiness. Discover how Brad helps people like him understand that setting intention and becoming aware of our thoughts can help us make the changes in our lives we desire. Follow your passion and create something meaningful, starting with today.

3 Key Takeaways

Become aware of the voice in your head that is trying to dictate a false reality.
Slow down and start moving toward the direction you’d like to go with an intention.
Take action to move away from the things that no longer serve you. Start focusing on what brings you joy.


Awareness by Anthony De Mellow

Website: sparkzofcourage.com