Justin Hale, a master trainer with Crucial Learning, sits down with host Greg Stephens in the hopes of helping listeners see how to be better equipped to manage their time and be more productive without an imbalance of stress. He shares his inspiring story of starting as a rookie with no experience, eventually working his way up to become a go-to person for getting things done at work–all while visiting his wife and premature child who stayed in the hospital for over 80 days and while taking care of his other children in the role of a single parent.

Combine his story with a background in social psychology to apply the science of human behavior to improve your life with time management methods, good mentors, and practicing deliberate practice today on A Shot of Inspiration

3 Key Takeaways

  • You cannot underestimate the impact of a good mentor. Justin shares the impact one mentor made on his entire career by placing him at a crossroads of the right people.
  • It’s only YOUR fault you have a schedule filled with so many commitments that you become overwhelmed. Own that and reprioritize your activities so the most important ones are guaranteed to get done.
  • The best time to put this play into practice is when everything feels busy and chaotic; don’t wait for a better time to try it out!

About Justin

Justin is a dynamic keynote speaker and trainer who has presented to more than 400 audiences from small team meetings to large keynote events. His research and writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including Harvard Business Review, CNBC.com, Fox Business, Bloomberg, and Fast Company. Justin’s coaching and advice are published regularly in the Crucial Skills newsletter, which now has more than 300,000 subscribers. In both his writing and speaking, Justin focuses on topics such as personal productivity, habit change, crucial conversations, team accountability, change management, and bridging generational gaps in the workplace.

Justin’s most recent work focuses on individual and team productivity, and he’s partnered with some of the world’s leading experts on productivity and habits to design and deliver powerful learning experiences on those topics. He frequently shares tips and best practices on his YouTube and social media channel, One Productive Minute.

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