Wanda Howard helps parents to raise emotionally healthy and confident kids, but she herself had to find her way out of a suicidal past and learn how to parent her own kids differently–she has struggled her whole life with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Wanda shares her passion for helping parents know how to raise their kids in a way that will enable them to succeed in all areas of life based on the way their brain operates.

Join her alongside host Greg Stephens for this episode of A Shot of Inspiration to learn to identify what makes your child truly happy. Recognize the behavioral cues that indicate depression and get instruction on how to address a child who suffers from depression in a way that is helpful to them. Discover the importance of founding your life on truth and letting it transform and heal your life.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Stop asking yourself, “How do I teach my kids?” Instead ask, “How do I treat my kids?”
  • It’s simple to know if you’re treating your kids right or wrong by assessing how it makes you feel. What are the relationships that you enjoy going back to? Use them as an example.

When kids come to you with all-encompassing words like “Nobody in the world likes me,” don’t justify the feeling. Instead, give them comfort and then ask “Is that really true?”

About Wanda 

Wanda believes that parenting is the single most important job in the world, and if she can help moms know how to lead their kids confidently forward through big changes, they’ll use that influence to create homes where every kid feels belonging and where everyone loves to return home. That’s the “why” that led her to create Traditions of Truth and acquire techniques that align with your values and teach you to  parent in a way that fulfills you.

How much mental energy would you conserve if you knew EXACTLY what to do for your kids now to create the family life you dream of?


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