Reta Clyde is a master trainer with Crucial Learning who has a passion for helping others overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Reta was born with a birth defect that caused physical limitations on her entire left side of her body. Despite these challenges, Reta has never let her limitations stop her from achieving her goals. She has always approached obstacles with the mindset of “figure it out,” a lesson that began early in her youth. This has led to a lifetime of overcoming challenges and inspiring others to do the same.

She shares her story today on A Shot of Inspiration to help you learn to identify YOUR why and willingly share it with others. Get rid of your fear of failure and use it as a tool to push past your boundaries and foster personal growth. Make the shift in how you look at the obstacles in your life and become better equipped to help talented people come to understanding by teaching on a personal level.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Implement Reta’s “Figure it Out” mindset; if there doesn’t look like there’s a way through the obstacle in your path, go around it, under it, or over it.
  • When you ask someone why they do what they do, it opens you up to a new level of human connection and you begin to relate to them, however unlikely.
  • Don’t miss the talented individuals in your organization because you only communicate in one way; start to teach people on a personal level.

About Reta 

Reta is passionate about learning and understands different learning styles. For more than 10 years she has worked in training and development, and managed leadership development programs for a Fortune 100 company. She’s a brilliant storyteller, trainer, and coach, and brings enthusiasm to everything she does.


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