Have you been looking for a way to create positive relationships with business professionals, managers, or employees? Maybe you’ve been trying to find a way, but the conversation never ends with the desired result. Today on A Shot of Inspiration, host Greg Stephens and Guest Gregory Sammis tell you why you may be talking about the wrong things–and how you can remedy that.

Greg Sammis, communications coach and master trainer of several years, will show you 3 ways that Crucial Conversations can help people build better relationships by teaching them to identify and manage emotions, effectively communicate, and resolve conflict during difficult conversations. His promise: if you are honest with yourself and why you’re having the conversation, remain transparent, and are willing to listen, you will see your relationships transform.

3 Key Takeaways

You need to be honest with yourself about why you are or are not having the conversation. Usually, the first reason that comes to your mind is not the real reason you need to communicate.
The new communication skills you adopt might seem weird to people who’ve spoken with you before. This is okay! Expect it to take time for them to accept this behavioral change.
If you want to be 100% honest with people and create a space to truly care about them, you need to remove your own victim mentality that may lurk beneath the surface.

About Greg

For close to twenty years, Greg has worked with individuals and teams around the world to develop their skills in communication, goal setting, and leadership.

Greg began his career as a high school teacher, giving students a solid grounding in both academic and life skills. Greg transitioned to the corporate world and took on Learning and Development Facilitator and Program Manager positions in bay area companies including Electronic Arts.

In his career, he has worked both as an internal and an external consultant, designing and delivering leadership and management development programs. He also facilitated ropes course events focused on communication and team building. His background in experiential education and brain-based learning, coupled with his open and friendly facilitation style, creates a safe learning environment where people can challenge preconceived notions, take risks, give and receive feedback, and ultimately learn skills needed for them to perform at the highest level possible and live lives of substance and contribution.

Greg has worked with teams across the globe, from Malaysia and Romania, to Casper, Wyoming. Along with international audiences, Greg has worked with students, teachers, and most recently teams of engineers, managers, and executives in Silicon Valley companies including such clients as Google, Genentech, Salesforce, VMware, and Zynga.