Life is hard. Sometimes it will knock you off your feet. That’s what happened when Melanie Gomez’s younger son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder when he was just a few months old, and would require special needs the rest of his life. How do you respond to news like that?

Join Melanie and host Greg Stephens as she shares how she initially responded to their circumstance, and the inspiring change of heart and perspective she experienced over time. Discover the power of perspective (and how to change it from time to time), and how to find the buried treasure among life’s twists and turns.

Key Takeaways

Your perspective is everything. Don’t miss the opportunities to evaluate how you think about your circumstances, and why changing your perspective can have a positive impact on your life.
Having someone in your family who has special needs is a significant challenge, but also an opportunity for learning greater compassion, understanding, and love.
Lean into your struggles, be present, and do your best to see the beauty where it is. There is more beauty in life than you might realize.

About Melanie

Melanie Gomez is mom to two young men (25 & 22), the youngest was born with a rare genetic disorder.  While the road has been full of unexpected turns, there has not been a season that wasn’t full of unexpected blessings and joy. In addition to the full-time job of parenting alongside her husband, Tony, Melanie is also a Talent Development Manager for a large global corporation.  Wherever you find her – business world or mom world – Melanie’s passion and drive remain the same: Share the inextinguishable hope and joy that she has found with everyone she encounters.

Melanie’s 14-day devotional  Bundle of Joy is a deeply spiritual journey for moms who have recently received a diagnosis for their child, or still find themselves struggling to align their faith with their child’s diagnosis. Connect with her on instagram at @Redefine_Special or her blog website, where she shares encouragement and hope on a regular basis.


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