Bailey continues her story about her battle with Alopecia and finding worth in herself despite her lack of hair as a woman. She explains to host Greg Mohr the emotions associated with a disease that insurance won’t pay to help despite her 80% hair loss, leaving her to make difficult financial decisions as an adult.

Bailey also shares a story outlining the dating scene for someone with Alopecia–one experience in particular that “validated” her thoughts on staying away from boys. You may be surprised by her outlook, however: her self esteem and worth as a human is not defined by one aspect of her life. Avoiding pain is also avoiding growth.

Get inspired by her journey and, above all, gain her advice to those who may be struggling with their own physical or mental battle and are just looking for a little bit of hope in part two of this Shot of Inspiration.

3 Key Takeaways

– Find your voice by associating your worth with the qualities you offer the world.
– Be grateful first. If you’ve experienced trauma, this provides hope that it can end.
– Look up to people instead of devaluing and envying them. Use them as inspiration.

About Bailey Blaies

A personal friend of Greg’s, Bailey is a lawyer in Dallas, Texas for patent litigation at Caldwell Cassady & Curry. Her dream to be a lawyer originated from her father and uncle’s long-term history in law. She went to Pepperdine Lawschool and is licensed in Texas and California.

Bailey has battled alopecia most of her life. Yet, even when she was in high school and things seemed to shut down, she took on life with zest and hasn’t let her disease stop her from traveling and living her life to its fullest since.