Bailey Blaies is living her dream life: she’s a lawyer with her dad, she has an adorable boyfriend, and she’s managing adulthood with a smile.

But under the surface, Bailey’s battles with her self-esteem were bigger than most saw. Join her and host Greg Stephens to talk about her long-term battle with Alopecia where she endured middle school just as all her hair was falling out and later avoided the dating scene because of it.

Despite all of the difficulty surrounding her diagnosis, Bailey counts herself grateful today for her experiences. Today, she shares what she’s learned about being cognizant of the types of people she surrounds herself with, from her 6th grade friend posse to her college community, ultimately concluding that “It’s just hair!”

3 Key Takeaways

– Whatever it is you struggle with, prematurely rejecting yourself out of fear will never foster a clear perception of your self worth.
– Avoiding your pain also means avoiding your growth. There’s always something beautiful on the other side.
– Surround yourself with the kind of people who will understand your struggles and uplift you. This may take a little selection.

About Bailey Blaies

A personal friend of Greg’s, Bailey is a lawyer in Dallas, Texas for patent litigation at Caldwell Cassady & Curry. Her dream to be a lawyer originated from her father and uncle’s long-term history in law. She went to Pepperdine Lawschool and is licensed in Texas and California.

Bailey has battled alopecia most of her life. Yet, even when she was in high school and things seemed to shut down, she took on life with zest and hasn’t let her disease stop her from traveling and living her life to its fullest since.