Get your Kleenexes ready, because when today’s topic is shared between guest Jeff Hunter and host Greg Stephens, they both shed tears. But rest assured, this episode on a Shot of Inspiration is one filled with miracles and hope.

On 9/7/97, a regular sunny day in the garden, Jeff and his wife found their day taking a turn for the absolute worst when their 16-month-old son went missing by a two-acre pond. Tune in to hear how the following events unfolded to show the hand of God, from the instrumental role of an eight-year-old neighbor kid to a couple of puppies playing in the yard to a full congregation of people halting their worship services to offer a prayer and quite literally usher in a miracle.

Now, despite the fact that the odds were stacked against his son that day including bacterial water, a seven to 10-minute timeline, and a location inconveniently out in the country, Jeff’s son is doing better than ever today. Gain hope with their belief that “There’s something out there that helps us along the way.”

3 Key Takeaways

– Pay attention to the little events. Jeff has found God’s hand in a number of little miracles that lead up to one big one.

– Don’t be surprised when good people rally together for your benefit in unexpected ways.

– People are put in your path for a reason; let them assist you with gratitude.