Diana’s quest to help her daughter keep hope through her muscular dystrophy continues in part two on A Shot of Inspiration. She and host Greg Stephens resume their conversation about handling the early dark days for Diana following Sophia’s diagnosis by surrounding herself with only positivity, from watching Oprah to reading empowerment books.

Consider with them what resigning actually means and understand that there’s a difference between surrendering and resigning. Diana relates her firsthand experience that once you allow yourself to surrender, God is in the details (For her, his presence came down to a recurrence of her daughter’s name in the people offering help).

Discover the power of hope and the immeasurable effect of pursuing answers–despite others’ conviction to give up. As she and her husband decided to invest endless amounts of time, money, and sacrifice to get Sophia to Mexico for stem cell research and then on to Ukraine, Sophia’s life transformed from falling 30 times a day to walking 4 miles with her friends.

The truth is: It takes a lot of sweat and tears to create miracles, but the impossible is absolutely possible. Find the faith you need to continue through the rest of Diana’s incredible family story.

3 Key Takeaways

– There’s a difference between surrendering and resigning; get yourself to a point where you can be okay with resigning.

– Look inward for answers. This will likely require you to put yourself in the right frame of mind and vibration through trial and error.

– Those things that you think are impossible are absolutely possible; Diana worked to change a “death sentence disease” into a sustainable lifestyle for her daughter and succeeded.