Welcome back to our second episode of A Shot of Inspiration, where host Greg Stephens is delighted to introduce you to the first inspiring guest, Michael Ramos. Michael shares his incredible, multifaceted journey as a musician, landing gigs with bands you may recognize and experiencing vertigo as he played for stadiums filled with thousands.

Hear how it all began, starting with “the biggest piece of shit piano” and an excuse to get out of math class. Yet, when Michael first sat down at that piano, the connection he made with the keys launched him into a lifetime of searching out opportunities to recreate that musical high.

Gain Michael’s insight into how he went from making $400 a week to no more than $75 and was never happier. Hear how he got to where he is today, with experience in everything from disco tracks to film scores. Hear some memorable stories along the way, including a year’s worth of track-recording hibernation and even a truck break-in that resulted in an extra accordion.

3 Key Takeaways

– Every master of their craft had to originate from humble beginnings and face difficult obstacles. As Michael will share, his story is no different.

– While talent is important, it doesn’t take a natural affinity–”just like breathing” –to be really good at something you like. For Michael, he simply loved music so much that he was always working on it, and that made all the difference.

– There’s a power in doing what you love. That passion will open doors of opportunity and align these opportunities in a way you could not have predicted. Don’t discount that.