We are often afraid of having difficult conversations. We don’t like conflict. But it’s during those times when we venture outside our comfort zones that we grow. How do we know if and when those conversations need to happen? And how do we get to a place where we can say what we need to say without shrinking from the challenge?

In this episode, Chris Douglas and Greg Stephens explore how you can develop a relationship with yourself that will drastically change everything else in your life. Start making decisions that honor who you are, not out of selfishness or arrogance, but out of respect for yourself. This will lead to an increase of respect for others and an understanding of our worth as individuals.

Without that understanding and mutual esteem, I can’t handle the hard truths you have to share with me, and you can’t handle what I need to say to you. Follow along with their conversation on accountability, respect, and finding peace with everyone around you, including yourself.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Develop a relationship with yourself. You are the only person you interact with all day, every day. Learn to like and love yourself and everything else in your life will change.
  • Make decisions in life that honor who you are, not out of selfishness but out of respect for yourself. These include knowing when and how to resolve conflict, not accepting things out of niceness and being a doormat, etc.
  • Seek to make peace with everyone around you, including yourself. Be accountable for your actions and instead of avoiding conflict, resolve it.

About Christian

About Christian Christian Douglas is a Consultant, Coach and Speaker. His work focuses on “people skills” such as Influential Leadership, Leadership on the High Road, The Art of Productive Conflict, Improving Performance Under Stress, The Power of Effective Communication and Building Effective Teams. Christian has served a variety of organizations including IBM, Chevron, Boeing and the U.S. Federal Government. As a consultant and executive coach, Christian has helped many individual clients, teams and organizations dismantle counterproductive patterns and achieve greater professional and personal fulfillment. Having studied human dynamics and organizational development for over 25 years, he brings knowledge and understanding, as well as warmth and humor to the material he presents. in 2003, Christian earned a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology. Christian is currently working on the final draft of his “teaching memoir” which chronicles his personal journey to the understanding that the quality of our lives and relationships is almost entirely determined by the quality of our relationship with ourselves.


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