Are you a salesperson? An executive leader? Maybe a coach or a trainer? Do you want to connect with others more effectively? Author and trainer Mark Carpenter joins Greg Stephens on this episode to explore why storytelling can transform how you relate to others and build connections you didn’t know were possible.

We’re often distracted by the barriers to telling great stories, whether it’s rambling too much and losing our audience, not having interesting experiences to share, or focusing too much on data that we forget to tell a story at all. Don’t become discouraged, but follow specific guidelines that Mark and Greg lay out for becoming a master storyteller.

Key Takeaways

  • Intentional storytelling is key to connecting with others, whether professionally or in our personal relationships.
  • Great stories aren’t always grand or exotic. Sometimes they’re simple experiences when we learn a valuable lesson.
  • Sharing personal stories can make us feel vulnerable, which is scary, but it’s often that vulnerability that touches other people.

About Mark

Mark Carpenter is a certified master trainer at Mindset Strategic Leadership and Crucial Learning, and author of the book Master Storytelling. He is a coach and consultant with decades of experience, helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential. His background also includes adjunct professor at Brigham Young University and public relations/marketing. 


Master Storytelling by Mark Carpenter

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