Personal friend and life-long musician, Darden Smith, joins Greg Stephens on this episode of A Shot Of Inspiration. Their relationship began through many unplanned airport run-ins turned conversational. Which has flown into a friendship of mutual respect and admiration. Darden and Greg both have an uncanny, natural ability to connect with others quickly. Learn how they do it through asking simple questions and being genuinely curious about those they interact with.

50 years of being a musician has led Darden to leave his legacy by helping others write their stories through song. He lives his life in a manner that he can have high-impact moments with strangers every single day. Making it a habit to do things for other people knowing that you will never know the impact it will have on them, but doing it anyways.

Darden shares a story of his 90-year-old father that STILL works at a deli in Houston, who had an impact on 2 people just by living his life in a way that he could have those high-impact moments.

Much of his adult life has been spent directing and guiding others to create those high-impact moments. With a big smile on his face, he skillfully does so through the long-lasting impact of song.


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