“She’s the one being poked, prodded, and tested, and I’m the one crying like a baby.”

Steve Kinkeade continues the story of he and his wife’s journey to rediscover their love and respect for each other. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Steve learned two lessons: He was reminded of how special she was, and there was nothing he could do to help her, except lift her up.

Their redemption story just began as they faced cancer treatments while also dealing with the rapid decline of his mother-in-law’s health.

Their lives seemed to take a turn for the worst when they were hit by the force of Hurricane Harvey. But rather than drift apart in the four feet of water occupying their home, Steve and Laura were united in their gratitude for friends and for the strength of one another as they worked to rebuild their home and their relationship.

Now, Steve fondly recounts a time when they ended up together on a “hospital date,” holding hands with matching medical bracelets. Listen to part two as they learned to love again and embraced life’s constant challenges, in this story of love, redemption, and hope.