When host Greg Stephens received a phone call from his friend Steve Kinkeade, relating that he wasn’t sure if his 30-year marriage was going to make it, Greg was both shocked and deeply worried–emotions he did not typically associate with Steve.

In this first episode of a two-part story, Steve shares the background that led to his and his wife’s emotional separation, sitting alone in a house as empty nesters. “We’re boring,” his wife said, sending them into a 16-month struggle for greater connection and meaning.

Hear the adorable story of how they met, in contrast to the final days of their boys’ time at home and his mother-in-law’s life that took a toll on them in unexpected ways. Steve also opens up about the hardest event of that tumultuous time that turned a small doctor’s visit into learning about possible cancer.

Their disconnect had created a rift of anger and resentment, but Steve knew their relationship wasn’t over. Join Greg and Steve for part one of this story full of love, redemption, and hope at home.