Welcome to the opening episode of A Shot of Inspiration, where host and founder Greg Stephens takes a seat as interviewee to share his inspiring, two-year journey of cleaning up messy past relationships–from ex-bosses to ex-girlfriends. Greg shares with interviewer Josh Tapp how this led him to discover his passion for helping others to have better, stronger relationships, starting with the ones that matter most.

Hear the heart-wrenching story of Greg’s father as the last man on Greg’s lengthy list of relationship repairs where, in a three-day period, Greg went from thinking he’d be disowned from his father to making plans with the man who would become his best friend.

Greg shares his conviction that when our relationships are strong, we do well in life. Join his incentive to start asking yourself the questions prompted by this show. How are YOU responsible for the only things you can control? As Greg says, “You have to find that space within you and write your own narrative for your choices.” Make the choice to stop going it alone and be a “we-centered” member of humanity–today.

3 Key Takeaways

– Stop avoiding conflict because breakthroughs need conflict to BREAK THROUGH.

– You create, promote, and allow everything that you’ve made to happen in your life. Use that power wisely.

– It’s time to clean up those relationships that matter. We aren’t meant to go it alone.

About Greg Stephens

Greg is a Master Certified Trainer, focused on providing individual and team coaching. He specializes in communication skills, leadership, team building, mediation, executive coaching, and advising. He also provides 360 and behavioral assessments for individuals and teams, motivation, and cultural assessments.