In this episode of “A Shot of Inspiration,” host Greg Stephens sits down with renowned psychiatrist and author, Dr. Timothy Jennings, to explore the fascinating realms of the human mind. Delve into insightful conversations about the intersection of mental health, spirituality, and personal growth. Join them on a journey of inspiration and discovery as they share practical tips for achieving a healthier, more fulfilling life.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace trust over fear in faith, redefining theology for a liberating spiritual journey.
  2. Engage with the functional love of God, transforming decision-making and fostering fulfilling relationships.
  3. Uncover the intricate link between faith and mental wellness, exploring holistic insights from Dr. Timothy Jennings at Honey Lake Clinic.
    About Dr. Jennings:

Dr. Timothy Jennings, MD, a distinguished expert, has spent decades studying God’s healing principles for the mind and modern brain science. An accomplished author, his transformative books include “Could It Be This Simple?” and “The God-Shaped Brain.” Currently serving as the adult medical director of Honey Lake Clinic, Dr. Jennings showcases leadership in psychiatric medicine, emphasizing integrative care and psychopharmacology for lasting recovery.


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